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Well Christmas is almost here but it wouldn't be complete without Santa's milk and cookies

More Back to School

I am definitely one of those people who loves having her kids at home. I am also one of the people who is super glad that school has started again. Love having the kiddos home but also love the structure that kids in school brings. Back to school is such a fun and exciting time. I was so happy with this cute elementary school contacted me to do cookies for their opening day. I love their lion Mascot. 

Navy and Gold Cake

GREAT NEWS: I am now offering cakes!!!

So excited to now be offering cakes. I have enjoyed the cookie world and the fun I have been having with cookies but would like to add another layer with cakes. If you would like to order a cake please contact me because I am only taking a limited number of cakes. 

Back To School

Summer is coming to a close and school is back in session. I love summertime with my kids. The projects and vacations that we get to take and just the pure joy of slowing down and snuggling ever morning instead of just on Saturdays. I love that they can stay up late and play hours of hide and go seek. Having 5 kids makes it easy for them to always have someone to play with. As much as I love summer I love the routine of School. I love having to be up at a certain time and at a particular place at a certain time. My kids love a schedule and know what to expect everyday. I love that I can get more accomplished when I have a schedule than just the laziness of summer. I love picking my kids up from school and finding out about their day. I love everything about school time except for planning "whats for lunch". 

Cancer Stinks

These cookies were extra special for me to make. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer the beginning of this year and has been doing chemo for the last 6 months. I made these cookies as a thank you to her nurses and doctors who have taken such good care of her these past months. I am so proud of her and her fight and example of courage and strength she is. I love you mom!!

Ruffle Cake

So I have just started to try my hand at cakes and I am having so much fun learning new techniques and such. I think my cookie decorating has made me more confident in my cake decorating. As pretty as this was on the outside it was equally delicious. Double Chocolate cake layers with a salted carmel buttercream icing between each layer and then covered in a chocolate ganache. 

I love the simple power that a yellow oval and a bat symbol can bring! It may have something to do with me associating batman with Christian Bale and that for sure brings a smile to my face. Superhero cookies are some of my favorite to make because they are timeless and will always bring out the boy in everyone man.